Always Makes Me Laugh

Always makes me laugh this picture. Ukulele Mike.


Merry Christmas & Thanks For All The Support


Bread & Roses

I’ll be playing an acoustic gig at “The Bread & Roses” with Mike Ballard on harmonica on Monday 15th December 2014. Mike is a fantastic Blues harp player and I’ve had the pleasure of performing with Mike off and on for a while. We put the relationship on a firmer footing about a year ago when Mike joined The Smokin’ Locos (my regular live/touring band). It’s out first time at the venue so we’re hoping to make it a great night for everyone. Hope to see you there.


Blues at the Creeks

On Friday 5th December I’ll be playing with the band at The Creeks End Inn, Kingsbridge, Devon. Sadly Mike is unable to be there with us on the night. 

It’s my first time at The Creeks End so I’m hoping we can make it a good one. If you’re around in Kingsbridge on the 5th it would be great to see you there. Feel free to come over and say hello – it’s always good to have a chat, get some feedback, see how it went from your point of view.

Hope to see you there


Nice Blues Playlist on Spotify

If you’re a Blues fan you might enjoy the following playlist on Spotify, it’s updated regularly and contains a few gems as well as a few standards. Check it out and give it a follow if you like what you hear.