The Acoustic Academy – 27/1/2013

I’m playing at The Acoustic Academy session in the Blues Bar tomorrow evening, 27th January. Hopefully see you there. This event is very well attended and always draws a great crowd, get there early if you need a table.


Venue: Barbican Theatre (B-Bar)
Date: 23rd January 2012
Time: Evening starts 8pm, several musicians playing
Free Entry
Comments: My first gig at the B-Bar, hope to see you there.

Acoustic Academy

Blues Bar 16/1/2013

I’m playing a full gig at the Plymouth Blues Bar on Wednesday 16th January. It’s my first full gig at the Blues Bar which is a fantastic venue and I’m looking forward to it a lot! I could do with your support too so please try and drop in if possible. I’m keen to make it a regular venue and bringing in some business will help with that. Come along and join me – get there early and grab a table where you can enjoy some good food and have a few drinks.

Blues Bar

Just a brief note of thanks to the Blues Bar in Plymouth for having me on for a short set this evening – I loved every minute of it and look forward to being back for a full set. Thanks again. I’m enjoying the rest of the performances.