Russell will be providing support along with The Smokin’ Durrys on Chantels Bude date on her current UK tour – Penstowe Manor, 10th September 2014. Doors open 6:30pm.

Grab yourself a ticket quickly if you fancy a night of Blues in all it’s guises because they’re going quickly.

Full details available here:

Tickets available here:

May 23 2014

New EP Release Date

I’m happy to announce (at last!) that the release date for my new EP has been set for 16th June 2014. The EP is entitled “Plymouth Tapes, Vol. 3” and completes the trilogy of “Plymouth Tapes” EPs.

The idea behind the Plymouth Tapes EPs was to chart the journey over the course of just over a year. When I finished working with my previous band (Syruss) I chose to continue as a solo artist for a while. During that period I recorded and released my first EP “Plymouth Tapes, Vol. 1”. That EP was very stripped down with just me and an acoustic guitar but it accurately captured where I was and what I was doing at the time. Read More

It’s here folks – the Plymouth Blues Society second annual event is coming! After last years sell out event this one is sure to be even more popular – tickets are on sale now so be sure to grab yours before they’re all gone. Full ticket details can be found in the previous post. Read More

May 18 2014

Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets for Plymouth Blues Society’s 2nd Annual Summer Party are now on sale at Last Shop Standing Record Store in Bretonside bus station, Plymouth. Tickets are £5 with a £1 booking fee. Pick up some hot new vinyl while you’re there!! Read More

I’m over the moon to announce an endorsement with Rufus Guitars. Rufus Guitars are a small British company hand making custom built guitars from sustainable British wood. They’re lovely looking isntruments, sound fantastic in a range of woods and best of all they’re British – helping keep the art and craftsmanship alive. You can check out their guitars and learn a bit about the acoustics of the various woods involved by visiting the site.

My physical style of playing can be quite rough on a guitar and on the strings in particualr – it has cost me a small fortune in strings since I started and it’s not getting cheaper! With that in mind I’m over the moon to announce that I’m now officially endorsing Dovetail Strings – excellent quality and a broad range of string gauges available for the gigging musician.

Sep 18 2013

G7th Capo Endorsement

For what I do, the G7th capo is an excellent piece of kit – several models are available and I’ve been using them for a while. They’re not the cheapest capos available but are, in my opinion, amongst the best (personally I think THE best) available today. With that in mind I’m over the moon to be officially endorsing the full range of G7 capos.

A huge thanks to Gary for a brilliant day recording my new demo tracks – got a great sound for me and made the whole day a doddle and great fun. Looking forward to working with Gary again and to getting the demos up on Soundcloud soon.

Gary Lawson Platts: