Run a Mile

I thought you might like a sneak preview of a new track called “Run a Mile” – this is the lead track from my 2nd EP which is due for release in November 2013. It’s performed here live to give you an idea what it’s like

Face the Rain

Here’s another track from the upcoming EP – this track is called “Face the Rain”

Boom Boom

On 28th July 2013 I played the opening set at the Barbican Rhythm and Blues Festival in Plymouth. The event was organised by The Plymouth Blues Society and was the brainchild of Vince Lee (Vince did most of the legwork in organising the event). I was invited onstage with Vince and his band The Big Combo to play a few tunes at the end of their set; it made my day and I loved every minute of it. Vince is a superbly talented musician and a genuinely nice guy. Everyone in the band made me feel at home and we had a great time. Judge for yourselves on this video of us playing John Lee Hookers classic “Boom Boom”.

The next 2 videos show excerpts from my opening set. I’m accompanied here by Mike Ballard on harmonica. Although it doesn’t show here Mike was in agony throughout due to a slipped disc which he sustained a few weeks before the festival and for which he was awaiting surgery. All credit to Mike for actually turning up and playing brilliantly throughout