Here you’ll find posts and assorted ramblings about whats going on. Feel free to comment and get in touch.

The Acoustic Academy

When: Most Sundays, 7pm – 9:30pm
Where: The Blues Bar, Plymouth
Entry: Free
Comments: I play a slot most Sundays

Barbican Theatre, B-Bar

Venue: The Barbican Theatre (B-Bar), Plymouth
Date: 21st February 2013
Time: 9pm – 11pm
Entry Fee: £2.00 set by venue
Comments: I’ll be playing two sets of at least 45 minutes duration with a short break between. Onstage from 9pm.

Acoustic Academy Sessions

Venue: Blues Bar, Plymouth Barbican
Event: Acoustic Academy
Date: Sunday 3/2/2013
Time: 7-9:30pm, I’m on around 8:30
Comments: Always a great evening, you can also have some great food and a few beers. Check blues bar site for details.

The Dairy

Venue: The Dairy
Date: Thursday 31/1/2013
Time: Start 9:30pm
Entry Fee: Free Entry
Comments: My first time at the Dairy so it would be great to see you there and make it a good start

The Acoustic Academy – 27/1/2013

Venue: Blues Bar, Plymouth Barbican
Date: Sunday 27/1/2013
Time: Event runs 7pm – 9:30pm
Entry Fee: Free Entry
Comments: This event is very popular and always busy, get there early if you need a table.


Venue: Barbican Theatre (B-Bar)
Date: 23rd January 2012
Time: Evening starts 8pm, several musicians playing
Free Entry
Comments: My first gig at the B-Bar, hope to see you there.

Acoustic Academy

Event: Acoustic Academy
Venue: Blues Bar Plymouth
Date: 20/1/2013
Event Time: 7pm-9:30pm, I’m on around 8pm
Comments: Several musicians playing on the night. It’s a popular evening.

Blues Bar 16/1/2013

Venue: The Blues Bar
Location: Plymouth Barbican
Date: Wednesday 16th January 2013
Time: approx. 9pm – 11pm
Entry Fee: Free Entry
Info: Food and drink served, get there early to get table

Blues Bar

Just a brief note of thanks to the Blues Bar in Plymouth for having on for a short set this evening – I loved every minute of it and look forward to being back for a full set. Thanks again. I’m enjoying the rest of the performances.

The Devon Tors, Yelverton

Venue: Devon Tors, Yelverton
Date: 20/10/2012
Time: 20:00
Playing with Crisis, should be a good one!! 😀

The Rock Inn

Venue:The Rock Inn, Yelverton
Entry Fee: Free Entry
Comments: Playing with Crisis