Gary & Teresa Platts

Gary and Teresa organise and run various music nights at venues throughout the city and provide a platform for emerging musicians to get up onstage and “give it a go”. In my case, Gary and Teresa gave me an opportunity to perform at the “Acoustic Academy” – an open mic session they run at the Blues Bar in Plymouth every Sunday evening. The quality and standard of musicians this event attracts is very high and between them Gary and Teresa have created a fantastic environment and atmosphere for emerging musicians to step up – for that alone they deserve a medal. Gary has been very supportive of all of my efforts to date and very encouraging. I know Gary has provided a similar level of support to other local musos – especially younger performers whos confidence is still fragile. Once again, credit where it’s due. So, Gary & Teresa, thanks very much for all you’ve done for me and for all the help you’ve given other young musos taking their first steps 🙂