Originally when I added this credit I thanked individual photographers here. This is now becoming impractical because there are so many photos coming from many different photographers that it means I continually have to update this page. To address this I’ve decided to stop naming individuals and simply thank all photographers here for allowing the use of their photographs.

My approach is now to add a credit and link where I know the source of a picture. If I don’t know the original photographer I’ll add something like “Copyright Unknown”. If you do know the copyright holder of a picture in that situation please get in touch with me via this website (use the contact form on the contact page) letting me know the particulars and I’ll ensure the proper credit gets allocated on the site with the appropriate link to the originators web presence.

If any of the images here are yours and you’re not happy with them being used just get in touch and I’ll remove them along with all links to your online presence and all mention of you in connection with the images in question within the site. It’s not my intention to use anyones work without their consent (which I assume is given if you have made the pictures available to me). If that’s not the case then I’ll happily remove them if you let me know.

So – thanks to everyone, past, present and future who has taken photos of my music activities and allowed me to use them on this site 🙂