I recently received the new Performance 2 capo from those lovely people over at the G7th capo company – cheers Seamus 🙂 Heres a brief review of how I got on with it having used it for a while now.

Of all the G7th capos I found the Performance was the best fit for my needs and I’ve been happily using them on all my guitars – for both live performances and studio recording. I’d never had a problem with the Performance and love the capo.

Having tried the Performance 2 on both electric and acoustic for both live and recording I’m over the moon. The Performance 2 is lighter in weight than the original Performance – similar in weight to the G7th Newport capo if you’re familiar with the products. The big change for a guitarist is the redesign of the capo clutch system. It’s now reversed relative to the original Performance which means you can put it on, take it off and move it around with one hand. A quick, simple pinch and it’s done. Might not sound much but it makes a big difference over the duration of a whole live set. I love it.